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Ebon Arts Armor Edit

This mod brings upgraded armor to Minecraft in the form of two new sets.
  • Arcanite armor is an upgrade to its Iron counterparts. Arcanite has double the durability, it does not require smelting to make items from it, and has slightly better enchantability.

  • Katcheen armor is an upgrade to its Diamond counterparts. Katcheen has double the durability, and has very high enchantability.

With update v1.0.5a, armor in the Ebon Arts mod is a little different than what you might be use to. Not only does it protect the user, if all 4 of the same material pieces are worn at the same time (like all arcanite, or all katcheen, not mix-matched) an armor set series of bonus effects stay on the player while worn. The effects differ from each armor set and is listed below.

This is still early in development, but more are sure to come.

Arcanite Armor RecipesEdit

Here are the crafting recipes for Arcanite armor. The armor set bonus is Speed I, Haste I, and Jump II.

Arcanite Helm

Arcanite helm

Arcanite Chestplate

Arcanite chestplate

Arcanite Leggings

Arcanite leggings

Arcanite Boots

Arcanite boots

Katcheen Armor RecipesEdit

Here are the crafting recipes for Katcheen armor. The armor set bonus is Speed II, Haste II, and Jump III.

Katcheen Helm
Katcheen helm

Katcheen Chestplate
Katcheen chestplate

Katcheen Leggings
Katcheen leggings

Katcheen Boots
Katcheen boots

Final Thoughts Edit

Note: This will be changing as I update things based on community feedback.

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